Spruce Class Assembly






Cedar Class’s Assembly was all about following the Golden Rules and practicing the four R’s to earn token rewards. In our learning we have been looking at relationships.
In PSHE, we noticed that all our conversations have been about having good relationships. In Science, we looked at the relationships between liquids and gases.
We have all thought long and hard about all the relationships in every part of our lives, how we can work together as a team, not argue with each other, try other friendships and listening to each other.
We demonstrated these things in our class assembly.
Thank you
Cedar Class

Cherry hand Attendance bunny over to Oak class

Cherry Class children spoke to the lower assembly about the things Attendance Bunny did in class with them.( have a look at their blog to see what fun they had.)

Ryan and Mya receive the Attendance Bunny on behalf of Oak Class.
Oak class are the second class to hold the Attendance Bunny.
They had an amazing 100% ATTENDANCE!!!!!!1
Watch out for their blog To see what exciting things happen over the next week!

Name Our Attendance Mascots

At Twydall Primary School, pupils and teachers know how important learning time is and therefore how important it is that the children are at school for as much time as is practically possible.

To help with this, we have two attendance mascots.

For KS1

KS1 attendance mascot

For KS2

KS2 attendance mascot

The Mascots will spend the week with the class that has the highest attendance for the previous week.

Unfortunately, the mascots haven’t yet got names. We are asking for pupils and parents ideas. We are looking for names that link to turning up to school and with a little alliteration e.g Turn up Tony. please post suggestions below

New Behaviour Tokens

We would like to say a big well done to all of the children for a fantastic start to this Autumn Term. The standards of learning behaviour for this year have already been set extremely high by the students and each of the classes have already earned a substantial amount of tokens. Remember that the tokens all add up to a class reward at the end of the term. We would like you to have your say and tell us any other rewards that you would like to add. Please read the list of rewards below first and post any suggestions that you would like to add. Keep up the great learning behaviour.



50 Tokens


Class games 1 hour (splat, hangman, dodgeball, rounders, quick cricket)

Just dance afternoon in the hall

Class Game

Bring in your own board games for an hour

Cosmic Yoga hour

Play dough 30 minutes

Bubble play 30 mins

Loom bands 30 mins



Paper plane competition

Arts and craft session/Making decorations

Dressing up/role play

Show and tell session

Story time outside with cushions/blankets

Extra art lesson

Extra PE activity

20 mins extra break time/choosing time


75 Tokens

Any of the previous level of rewards

Arts and craft afternoon


Class quiz

Decorate biscuits

Bring in your own board games afternoon

Drama activities afternoon (see Staff drive Behaviour folder).

Inter-class sports (rounders, quick cricket etc)


Afternoon in the ICT suite

Afternoon using Ipads

30 minutes extra break time

Field art/art attack

Party games/musical statues

Sports day games for an hour


100 Tokens

Any of the previous level of rewards

Parachute session

Chocolate fountain and fruit

Afternoon at the park (Vinal/Beechings)/other short visit out of school

Mini Spa treatments/hand massage afternoon


Film afternoon in class

Foods of the tasting world afternoon

60 minutes extra break time

Den building

Bike/scooter sessions


150 Tokesn

Any of the previous level of rewards

Class bowling

Class Party/Disco/karaoke

Junk modelling

Pyjama to school afternoon

Other class choice

Wii afternoon

Cooking, pizza, cakes or cookies

Ice cream treat


Teddy bear picnic

Team game afternoon

Show and tell pet visits


Class of 2016

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Year 6 Prom Night!
Last night the red carpet was laid out as limos arrived for our glamorous Y6’s.
The children were ‘papped’ in their amazing outfits (dressed to impress) at Twydall’s hottest venue.
The school was decked out in black, red and gold with a buffet and disco.
Music pumped, thanks to Mr Purser, and the dance moves put strictly to shame.
Billy was crowned King and Caitlyn crowned Queen of the prom.
The night went amazingly well and we wish them all the best for the future.