Dangerous Dave on the Loose doing Learning

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On Friday, Dave went to the ICT room and helped Conifer to solve questions on Sumdog.
On Monday, ‘Don’t be late Dave’ helped us write a big write about 3 animals in a yellow carriage have an adventure.
On Tuesday, Dave helped us solve hard word problems.
On Wednesday, Dave did some dancing about rivers in PE and helped us in Science.
On Thursday, ‘Don’t be late Dave’ joined us in gymnastics, and he was fantastic at it!
That’s one of Dave’s adventures done for now.

By Charlotte and Rebecca

Conifer Class
Bye, Bye

Hedgehog Hikers!

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Congratulations to everyone. Twydall Primary were the most improved school in Medway during Walk to School month in October, up by 36.6%!
A big well done to everyone, who helped us achieve this.

Mrs Bucklee